What is a Volumetric Survey

A volumetric survey is a survey that accurately measures the volume of a stockpile or of earthworks.

What we do

We undertake volumetric surveys to accurately calculate stockpile volumes, extraction quantities, and volumes of earthworks.      

We use a variety of methods to Survey stockpiles on site, from the more traditional methods with our Leica Total Stations & Leica GPS to using Scanners & Drones for those hard to reach or unsafe areas.                                              

The data from Site is then uploaded into our LSS software where we are able to calculate earthwork volumes & volumes of Stockpiles. This can then be supplied as a       2d or 3d CAD model with the locations and volumes of Stockpiles & Earthworks shown accuratly.

Helping calculate yout stock

Using state of the art technology we can instantly calculate your stock pile volumes  so that you can make on-the-spot decisions about your material quantities.

Imrpove on-site safety

By calculating the volumes accurately we can identify danger hot spots when site safety is concerned. This allows you to eliminate them and reduce time employees spend on site and in dangerous locations.

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