At ACAD our topographical land surveys are produced for clients in both CAD format and printed copies if required providing you with a highly detailed representation of your site. A topographical land survey produced by us will typically detail the gradients of the land allowing for more accurate design plans to be drawn up. The level of detail will show the following:

  • Site Boundaries
  • Site Levels/Gradients
  • Service Covers
  • Existing Buildings/Foundations
  • Street Furniture
  • Road/Car parking markings
  • Ridge & Eave heights of surrounding buildings
  • Tree positions

Topographical Land Surveys For A Range Of Clients

We produce topographical land surveys for clients throughout the UK some of which include:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Planners

The drawings we produce allow for more accurate planning of site and the level of detail generally saves time and money because all parties have a good understanding of the actual terrain and can plan around this.

A Professional, Reliable Approach

At ACAD our approach is very simple, we are there when you need us and deliver quality results within your timescales. We deliver accurate detailed drawings as an when you require them and each project we take on is bespoke so you get exactly what you need.

The Latest Topographical Land Survey Technology

We use state of the art equipment to undertake all our topographical land surveys. This provides a more accurate model of your site but also saves us time which saves you money. The use of the latest technology to create our drawings also allows us to deliver information much faster than previously possible using older techniques.

Experienced in Topographical Land Surveys

We have a wealth of experience undertaking topographical land surveys for clients throughout the UK some of which include work for clients such as Jaguar Land Rover and Lancaster University. The scale of the topographical land surveys range from Large scale sites for commercial clients to residential sites for individuals planning the new build home.

2D & 3D Land Survey Drawings

Land survey drawings can be produced in 2D and also 3D depending on what you require. The way we gather the data is still the same with the only difference being how we produce the drawings for you. Our CAD software allows us to create an exact overview of how the site actually looks in 3D which can be very beneficial when explaining the site to other planners and designers.

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