The process of connecting utilities for commercial or industrial developments is complex and meticulous. With several different stakeholders involved and multiple connection points, understanding and planning can be a chore. This method is not only costly but also repetitive and prone to error. To improve efficiency on your building site, you can use a multi-utility service provider (multi-utility company/contractor), who can minimise the stress and eradicate the need for planning and management, with a complete service from start to finish.

What is a Multi Utility Supplier?
A multi-utility service provider is an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) who supplies an all-inclusive packaged solution to customers which includes gas, electricity and water supplies. Having one company to manage your utilities will provide you with the following benefits:

1) One-stop Shop
Handled by our capable project managers and consultants, we’ll handle all areas of Utilities – all as part of an integrated full-service package, bespoke to your company’s needs. Instead of managing 4 different trades on site, take this approach to reduce your management workload significantly, letting you benefit from streamlined project management skills.

2) One Point of Contact
When one service provider handles the entire connection process from strart to finish, you get a dedicated point of contact for all things utilities. They’ll handle any problems on site resolving any issues quickly and professionally. This all starts with assessing the project requirements, evaluating the design and build options and understanding cost and timescales, allowing us to to give you a better project overview.

Fewer points of contact mean better communication – and better communication means a more efficient service. A multi utility contractor will directly install, plan and coordinate the required works with the incumbent network owners to complete a seamless and effective installation service. This removes the need for you to contact multiple parties to get your site connected.

3) Faster Completion
Dealing with land ownership rights when setting up infrastructure can take significant time. Associated legal work with land and access rights for utility infrastructure commonly causes delay. Often due to third party, councils, statutory bodies, landowners and solicitors. An experienced multi utility contractor or multi utility company can foresee these issues in advance and use knowledge and experience to blend trades seamlessly on-site.

Procuring water, gas and electricity through one provider reduces the negotaition time, red tape and paperwork. Having all areas managed centrally will enable you to meet tight deadlines for larger projects with greater confidence.

Further to this, a multi-utility provider can proactively work on resolving issues in the future, which might arise due to third party property owners. By providing a comprehensive design-and-build package, a multi utility company can help alleviate the risk of delays, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

4) Cost-effective Solution
Multi-utility companies can make connections for multiple networks simultaneously via the same trench. Most ICPs have their own team to make sure the connections are installed in the most efficient way. As well as saving cost, this saves time in managing compliance in line with the standards and guidelines outlined by local authorities. A multi utility contractor will ensure infrastructure is routed in the most efficient manner too.

Overall, the process involves designing, planning and installation just once, which enables a service provider to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

Prestige Utilities – UK leading Multi Utility Provider
We always aim to over-deliver, above your expectations. We aim to provide a convenient service by handling all of the utilities within one program.

To find out how we can help you with a multi-utility solution, get in touch today on 0161 533 3007 and one of our team members will be happy to tell you more about what we do. Whether you’re a small specialised site or you are managing a large complex construction project, we have experts on hand to deliver you a bespoke end-to-end solution.