Here at ACAD we are market leaders in the art of 3D building modelling. Our state-of-the-art 3D models are produced utilising all leading modelling packages and we can offer to our clients BIM models, 3D topographical surveys, virtual reality models and visualisation walk through models.

Highly detailed laser scan survey

To produce the model, our professional survey teams will undertake a carefully controlled and highly detailed laser scan survey, capturing a millimetre accurate three-dimensional point cloud of the building. This high degree of accuracy enables us to produce the model to any level of detail as required by the client. If required we can use existing point cloud data and other survey data provided by the client.

Millimetre accurate information

3D modelling is a valuable tool allowing, Architects, Contractors, Builders and Engineer’s to have millimetre accurate information before commencing construction, saving valuable time and money and ensuring a faster smoother design process. Thanks to this advanced digital Technology, ACAD can create 3D building models in various software packages allowing everyone to understand all aspects of any building.

Visualise the complete project

Creating a 3D building model opens up many benefits for those involved in the project and will enable the client visualise the completed project.

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